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Dry Verge

The overhang or verge of a roof is commonly protected by a wet verge made of mortar. However, exposure to the weather deteriorates the mortar, which leads to water leakage and invasion by pests and birds.

This can and will damage the roof and require regular repairs and repainting, which can be costly.

A more durable and hassle free alternative is the use of dry verge caps made of tough plastic. These fit over the edge of your tiles, and offer long lasting protection to your roof.

Global Roofing are able to install high quality Klober dry verges which come in three different colours. These are slate grey, terracotta and brown, which are ideal for matching your tile or slate roof colours or designs.

Global Roofing provides a wide range of dry ridge roofing solutions, such as the example below.

Profile Ridge
Profile Ridge has been designed to give the appearance of a traditional bedded ridge, but with all the benefits that a modern dry ridge system provides, such as secure mechanical fixing and appropriate ventilation. The Profile Ridge system incorporates ventilation strips to support the ridges and provides high level ventilation. Ridge unions provide an efficient seal between each ridge and give the appearance of a 10mm mortar joint. To complete the system and to enhance aesthetics, profile fillers are supplied for profiled tile types. The fillers click into the ventilation strips and both are marked to ensure correct orientation.

Hundreds of storms bombard the british isles every year – and with each there is a growing realisation that mortar is a costly and unreliable means of securing ridges, hips and verges.

An increasing number of homeowners are turning to Manthorpe dry fix roofing because of the advantages it offers in terms of security, cost and installation.

We offer a range of solutions in a variety of colours to help you escape the mess and complication of mortar based roofing techniques.